Disclaimer: I’m not a tournament winner Warmahordes player. Far from it in fact. I barely know my ropes with Khador, and have played the game for about a year now. I have played quite a bit though.

The greylord escort is the first of the greylords I have painted. They are a school of ice cold wizards and Khador has a few of them in different iterations to field. This one in particular is a unit attachment for the crazy dangerous doom reavers.

Just like them, he cannot be targeted by spells, friendly or enemy, so that makes them a bit safer and also quite independent right from the start of the game. In fact if you’re fielding non-fearless troops on your army make sure they’re at least 3 inches from any of the abomination psychos.

The greylord grants the unit a few nice things. First is silence, the most important, which allows the doom reavers to avoid their berserk attacks. Very useful for a crowded charge where you’re certain they will start killing each other. But don’t forget this is optional!!! So if you need a few of those attacks and get the chance, used them!!!

He also grants them though. Might look like a big deal at first, but we know you will not make the tough rolls you need when you need them. Do not take him for this ability, consider it a nice little extra bother to your opponent if he/she sets a lot of points to deal with your reavers.

Lastly he has a nice 8 inches spray attack with a POW of 12. It is a nice attack specially cause most anyone never see it coming. Other than that he has adv. deployment, magical weapon and reach like his demented buddies.

Since they cannot be targeted by spells there’s little sinergies you can pull with them (but keep in mind targeted is not the same as affected, watch those damn spell AOEs). They’re a trained, oiled, killing machine and the escort just gives them a little extra push for when things get messy. They will however be affected by any feat, so keep that in mind. Also, any benefit from spells put on others will work! So they can boost their melee rolls with eVlad’s transference focus, simply because the spell is not cast on them. That’s the kind of sinergies you will be looking forward if doom reavers and the escort are a big part of your plan.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Is he an auto-include? Well, I honestly don’t think so. I thought he was, and I was even scared of fielding the reavers without him. But at 2 points you really have to think about it. And if you really want to use the psychos, you might as well learn how to use them well, even without the escort to calm their bloodthirst.