oMAD is a webpage, hosted in a weblog service. This allows me to update the site easily and keeps the information in order.

Everything I upload will be in the form of a post. The last post will always be the first one you see. However, there are four types of posts I will be creating.

Galleries: These posts are gallery pages of different armies and figures. They will be updated when more figures of that specific army/game/period/team are photographed.

Articles: These are hobby articles I write. They are related to the other material you can find on the site, and include painting guides, scratchbuilding terrain, assembling models, and all that stuff. Once they are posted the odds are they will not be updated, unless there´s a specific need to do so.

Play reports: These are specific games I´ve played, probably containing pictures and magnificent prose. Or maybe not. They are most likely not updated once they get posted.

Updates: These are the majority of the posts you´ll see in oMAD. They will keep you up to date with my personal thoughts and activities within the hobby, and will keep you informed of every new article, play report, and updates to the galleries. They are not updated, of course. They are oMAD´s “news feed”.

You can access galleries, articles and play reports easily from the sidebar. It´s your personal navigation bar for oMAD. Fantasy & Sci-Fi and Historical are galleries. Articles and Play reports are self-explanatory.

If, by some strange reason, you want to take a look at all the recent updates, you can click on the updates category on the Categories bar under the other navigation bars. This will show you every update post ever created.

Hope you enjoy the site.