Happy Solo wargaming appreciation day to all of you!!! If you haven’t yet this month, give solo wargaming a chance. Find that different mindset that lets you explore wargaming from a completely different point of view.

If you need some help, or inspiration, check these two blogs:



And if you need a few ideas check Isildur’s Bane, my solitaire rules hack for the Lord of the Rings game, as well as this solo mechanism for the Song of Blades and Heroes which will work with any Ganesha (and other’s) games with the same core mechanic.

If you want some solo friendly skirmish games go check Two Hour Wargames and if you’re interested in a squad level game with modern warfare as its subject (but VERY easily adapted to other eras or genres) and very elegant solo friendly mechanisms, check Force on Force.

Of course this is just scratching the surface of solo wargaming and just a fun way to get playing straight away. Thousands of blog posts have been written about the subject way more comprehensively than me, though you can normally see in this place I am an avid solo gamer. Give it a try, not to replace any gaming you already do, but as another flavor on the big wargaming menu.