Isildur’s Bane is a little piece of game design that will allow you to play GW’s The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game soltaire. You should be familiar with the game to use this text, but some elements might be useful in two player battles.

It features small changes to the phases of the game, procedures to take complete control off the player’s hands, and fun optional rules like random events and differing force qualities.

24 pages that actually fit in only 6 sheets of A4 paper with a lovely layout create a nice little booklet that will not clog your table space and you can even keep it inside your LotR rulebook.

Get the version that suits you better:

Screen version: Get this file and read the game in your screen, whether you play with a laptop near the table or want to check it out before printing. The layout is maintained so you can see how it will really look.

Booklet version: This one is specially set for printing. Just print each double sided page and you will be able to create the booklet. All you need to do put the pages in order and fold.

A4 version: Every version is set for A4 sheets of paper, but this one has two pages in consecutive order, in case you want to print the thing straight and not fold it to its original size. Just print it out. You can also read this one on your screen, 2 pages at a time.

Please send any feedback my way (contact info on the Designer’s Notes). I would love to hear from players!