See? I have been painting. I’m still rocking the old shitty cam, that’s all. But that’s no reason not to upload a few things.

We’ve been getting into Dust Warfare and I went back to my plan of quick and effective paintjobs for them. The quick is accomplished. The effective, well, that’s opinion. Here are the first Axis units I’ve cracked, in about a week and a half.

Two Laser Grenadiers units.


A Heavy Recon Grenadier unit.

And my favorite, the Axis Gorillas.

On other news, I’m taking my summer vacation starting tomorrow, and we’re taking Warfare with us for the 15 days in the country. Will be a nice relaxing passtime, and I’m sure we will get to grips with the ruleset once and for all.

Oh, and keep an eye peeled for Jake Thornton’s God of Battles. It seems like finally we will get a modern design applied to mass fantasy battles. Sounds good so far.