Wednesday update with painted stuff!!

First up Mr. Butcher. He likes to hurt stuff.

Next the amazing winter guard mortar crew. I’ve set the scheme for my future winter guard units with these guys, which not strangely resemble a bit of the Butcher’s attire. I think I’ll paint another mortar before getting a full WG unit.

Last but not least, Torch. Character jack, 3 initial attacks, gunfighter, virtuoso, smoke bombs, pathfinder on charges, flamethrower, sustained attack… 10 points. And some people still have doubts about him.

Anyway, I built him outta the juggernaut from the battlebox, with the saw magnetized from the heavy kit’s decimator.

Not painted, but just arrived. Four lovely Dust Tactics units. The command units for both factions, and the spotter + sniper boxes also for the Allies and Axis. Now I just need some nice medium walker kits with the artillery weapons.


Down in the pipeline I’ve got to assemble an already painted eIrusk and finish my faithful Kodiak before starting any other jack.