Here’s an update from the painting table.

First a couple of Panzerjäger Tiger Elefant (or just Ferdinand) for the German to kill some tanks.

Then back to Middle-earth with another Gimli and an Aragorn model.

Three different Gollum models. Two are GW, the other is not. I’m not even sure it’s Mithril, but no doubt it’s Smeagol himself.

And now a treat. The first in many, many trolls. This is the cave troll from the Mines of Moria set with a little armor from another plastic troll kit. I just love trolls so much I’m seriously considering making a big troll force to play around with. Painting it was a pleasure, and it’s become one of my favorite LotR models so far.

And to finish with the Moria set, here’s the remainder of the scenery. The hollow well required a base, so I just went and based all of the smallest scenery pieces on balsa wood (and then some texture) except for the chest, which I can see being used for lots more than just Moria. Guess I’m off to Khazad-dum soon (all figures and scenery finished now).

Next up. Let’s see. Six dwarves for sure. A goblin shaman as well. And a russian tank killer this time, a SU-85. That’s about it for now.