I’ve been looking closely to a couple of WW2 skirmish games. I’m really letting NUTS! off the table right now, because I want something a bit bigger. NUTS! gets a little slow when you go beyond a couple of squads a side, and the tank rules never seemed nice to me.

So, I’ve been reading two games that give you a platoon level game, that can be toned down or up easily, and that give you good use of tanks, vehicles, and even some air power. They are Battlefield Evolution: World at War, and Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers.

They are both really good rules, with exactly the same level of play, and both supported by a healthy flow of supplements with either scenarios or force lists. So far the biggest difference is that BE: WaW uses the same basic mechanics for both infantry and vehicles, while DHC7B has a different way of dealing with it. However, the game’s design philosophy is clear about why, and might make up the (very little) extra complexity with better results when playing with infantry and tanks together.

What a nice dilemma, having too much too good to make a decision. Planning to give both a spin, and of course share the results here.

A ton of ruskies waiting for some paint.