I’ve been very excited about, and busy with, the 2010 project build at The Guild. It’s an excellent way to set some clear objectives for the year and try to keep up with it. You can check my project, Fires of Khazad-dum.

With the summer vacations in between, I’m making a very close call for this first task. But I am making it! So I’m updating the projects sidebar to match the project build, while doing some models in between. Don’t worry, the balrog it’s on its way. The build also complies with my other project of painting the figures from both Khazad-dum and Shadow and Flame supplements.

And by the way, thank you all who have downloaded, read, and some even commented on the recently released Isildur’s Bane. I hope many more give it a chance, and start dwelling in the amazing universe of solo wargaming. You don’t need to be a cast out to enjoy some solitaire battles!