So, to my Epic madness I have included 40K now. It´s been a while since I got interested in the universe. This year saw the release of the Dark Heresy rpg but it´s so horrible that I got disheartened.

However I found about Warseer´s 40K free online magazine called Firebase. It´s so nice, and covers the whole of the 40K universe (including Epic, Necromunda, BFG and Inquisitor) that got me going again. And it´s a coincidence that I´m so excited about Epic, so I got a hold of the new 40K rulebook and gave it a read.

It´s really streamlined. In fact I think that apart from the stupid “realistic LoS” system, it finally embraced some much needed abstraction to many of its rules. Shooting and assaults seem a lot faster now and many of the more twisted procedures of the older edition have been made simple. I kind of like the Run and Go to Ground rules. I just wish someone would design an easy overwatch system in the future.

Guess I´ll have to get me a Black Reach box for Christmas to add to my marines and start some ork forces (and to get the small ruleset).