This is aimed to Warmahordes players of course, but possibly of use for other game systems with persistent on table effects and packed figs!

So, you have cloud AOEs and all kinds of stuff. They can be in the middle of the table, marked with a simple circle of the appropriate size and made from any material you like. But then you have these clouds and things on top of figs. And when models are too close things can get a bit mess unless you have spiffy metal rings, and even then.

If you want to know, I made these while thinking about the Circle druids making all those cloud effects while packed together and also while considering shooting some clouds on my units with the Greylord Ternion unit.

The example piece is for 3 inch AOE markers. Make the marker on your favorite material. In this case, a piece of plastic sprue (from which I make my wreck markers also).

Then cut it in 4 equal pieces. Easy!!!! Now you can place a smaller marker under the base of the figure without too much fuss, showing the general circumference for a very clear idea of what the cloud is covering.

But, smart reader, it’s very easy to center a round AOE under a model’s base, but not so easy to center this pseudo triangle. And you are right. That’s why I center the templates on some 30, 40, and 50mm circles, and make tiny marks representing the edge of the appropriate size base.

Now if you’re putting the template under a small based model, just align it with the first marks, medium base with the second marks, and so on. Now your opponent can be sure the thing is centered and you’re not getting those few extra life-or-death millimetres.

Hope you find these useful. Warmahordes is a game about information, and all of these clear, precise, and comfortable markers make all the difference when half an inch is a big deal.