Yeah, took me a while to edit these. Still a bit blueish but better to post them.

As promised some Khador

Kayazy Assassins




Manowar Drakhun


And the Conquest!!


Playing with the new setup. Can’t say I’m not loving it. So here are some Anima Tactics models from the Black Sun organization.



And finally Styx, the zombie puppy!

Next time some Khador!

Finally got around to painting one of the most useful and beautiful Khador jacks. Specially since I built it (and its base) sooooo many months ago. There’s a WIP in here somewhere. Three painting updates in a week isn’t bad. Let’s see if I can keep that up. God knows I have the unpainted models for it!!

And here you have more Cryx. No, I didn’t forget about them. Been playing Asphyxious quite a bit lately to be honest. These guys have a few little conversions, most notably an Avatars of War head on the leader to actually notice which one he is on the table.

Bane Knights are really good, even without stealth like their brothers. Just make sure they get there fast (much like doom reavers?)

Here’s that second unit of Doom Reavers that made it to the group photo. Tats mostly let the opponent know they’re a different unit, but for me looking at them from the back had to make a tiny mark on their bases. Even if they have tats on their backs, its hard to easily see how the units are standing (specially if they’re very close) and we know how important placement is for them (berserker, low CMD, abomination rule for other models, weak against AOEs, etc).