Holidays are gone, and vacation as well, so it’s back to “work” huh?

I got a few things I’m working on. Specially since last Friday I got a couple of things, some I bought, and one was a late bday present from my brother. Yeah, the really big, heavy, and Khador one.

So on the Warmachine front, I’m having fun drilling all the guns and the waist piece (to make it dismountable) on the Khador Conquest, my biggest Warmachine model to date. Isn’t it a sexy piece of resin and dust?

And speaking of Dust, I got myself the Revised Core set. It’s still a great deal, but not an insane deal like the original Core set (of which I got two, of course). I really like the light walkers I should tell you. Oh, and a friend took pics of some Warfare games we played with the girlfriend over in the vacations, over a nice pool table. Hope she gets them to me soon.

Finally, I am still assembling and basing my two Aleph starters for Infinity. I’m working hard on the bases trying to make them look complex and interesting, but also keeping them as shallow as possible without rising the models more than 1mm. It’s a ruleset thing.

On other news, a friend of mine filmed a game we had between his Cygnar and my Khador. Think I mentioned it before. It’s cute, and has good music and the lists below, but it has no proper battle report of any kind so if you’re inclined to watch some toy soldiers move around here they are. The ending where eSorscha went for the kill is not taped either.

If you have never seen perfect castings, no mold lines, exquisite sculpts that will intimidate your brush skills like all hell, and perfect fitting assembly, do yourself a favor and get some Infinity figures. Even a single blister will do. Goddamn they do raise the bar for all the others.

Pics of my Aleph Myrmidons coming soon.

So, three months since Infinity week on Beasts of War. Three months since my local game store sent the order. Guess the guys at Corvus Belli just aren’t interested in this part of the world.

Good bye Infinity, God knows I tried.