And here you have more Cryx. No, I didn’t forget about them. Been playing Asphyxious quite a bit lately to be honest. These guys have a few little conversions, most notably an Avatars of War head on the leader to actually notice which one he is on the table.

Bane Knights are really good, even without stealth like their brothers. Just make sure they get there fast (much like doom reavers?)

I really wanted to paint these guys. The figures are awful, but they’re the essence of Cryx. Zombies with steam powered mechanical fists. Fists!!

So yeah, I’ve played with them plus two brute thralls for a while in a 15 point list with pAsphyxious. Scything Touch on Mechanithralls just makes em hit a lot of the light infantry and hurt a lot of the medium/heavy ones. They can even scrap a system or two on a heavy jack if you get enough charges with combo smite. And then of course forcing the thing to trample away, IF it has the cortex still on.

All in all fun to play.

New figures for 2012 finally!!! And there’s more Cryx than Khador O.o

Ok, these guys turn the chicken count to six. First, a third Deathripper.

And a couple of Nightwretches.


Finally, the little guy who’s been bored to death waiting for paint. In fact, I have played with him, with his armor half painted and the rest of the dog primed black. And I usually got nice comments about how not many people paint the dog black (they did not notice it was just primer). So before my last game (scroll down to see him next to Vlad vs Makeda) I decided to paint him up since he was gonna be the only half painted model in the whole army. And here he is. Khador wardog.

Catch you soon with some more painting and hopefully a couple of games.

Yeah, Cryx’s whole concept is kickass. And getting to paint some up is just too much fun. Here’s some detail shots of the battlegroup and something extra, a min unit of bile thralls!

All of these figs will be at the Warmachine gallery, as usual.


Some more Dust Tactics coming up, and hopefully some more Cryx! Oh yeah, and some special Khador too…

Ok here’s a little update. I’m still having a hard time photographing my damn Cryx but here you have a group shot of the battlebox figures.

And a little extra. My first Kodiak for Khador (yeah, I’ve got more than one).

On a similar note, we had a beer & warmachine night on saturday with my gf, only this time we invited a couple of friends to teach them!! We used the Khador, Menoth and Cryx starters and made up a second Khador army with Sorscha, Destroyer and the newly painted Kodiak. It was so much fun, and killing 2 Sorschas in one turn is something I will hold in my heart 😛

So sad we didn’t take pics of that. Maybe next time!!