Finishing the painting table update week focused on Khador, here’s the big guy who adds 2 pounds to my bag every time I take him out, the mighty Behemoth.

Something funny in the internetz. If you follow’s battle reports you might have noticed one of the latest (and few) Warmachine reports between Khador and Cygnar.

It’s a weird game. The Khador player is rocking eButcher with three units of Doom Reavers. Yes, three. And he forgets about Spellward, Abomination, and as far as I can tell also Berserk attacks. It’s cool if you get your ass kicked by some spell effect, but putting Fury on Doomies? Come on! You fucking wish!! And I know he played this list before on several video reports.

I just wonder that after noticing these mistakes and how the game went the guys at MWG should have probably thrown the whole footage down the bin and made a new battle report. What do you think?