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My new venture into making videos for the spanish speaking gamers.


Yeah, took me a while to edit these. Still a bit blueish but better to post them.

As promised some Khador

Kayazy Assassins




Manowar Drakhun


And the Conquest!!


Playing with the new setup. Can’t say I’m not loving it. So here are some Anima Tactics models from the Black Sun organization.



And finally Styx, the zombie puppy!

Next time some Khador!

Hey guys my camera is back to life so it’s finally worth it to update this bastard 🙂

Anyway, while I’m catching up with the backlog of figures to photograph, here’s some models I want to get rid of. If you’re interested just drop me an email at doguipreacher@gmail.com with a price and we’ll talk about it.

They are 20mm WW2 models. Most of the painted ones are Germans with a couple of British mixed in. The unpainted guys are Russians. Some metal figs, most plastic, and here’s the detail (click on them for a better view):

10 weapon teams (40mm bases)
69 painted figs
53 unpainted


Cause why not? And yeah, Ive been playing Saga and its rocking my world.

Because… yknow… yeah…