March 2013

First weekend of March and it’s time to review the advances on the panting queue set for Khador Month. The way to know if things are going fine is simply to have painted a number of points equal to the day of the month +2, since I set up to do 33 points in a 31 days month.

Looks like I’m 2 points ahead of schedule, which isn’t a whole lot but a good start.

So which were the lucky ones? Two units of infantry to begin, because they always look intimidating on the paint table.

First the Kayazi Assassins with the Underboss (11 points). I hate these figures. I honestly do. They’re ugly, they’re hard to paint, and they have nothing to do with the rest of my Khador, aesthetically speaking. I honestly hated every minute, but they’re good and done.


And finally the Greylord Ternion unit (3 points). Unlike the other unit, I loved every second of these guys. The models are just gorgeous. They’re similar in detail but slightly different in pose, enough to make it possible to paint them in a single sitting but keeping it interesting. Honestly, it’s been a while since I have enjoyed so much painting a small unit of figures.

Ironically though, the Assassins are an almost auto include in most competitive Khador lists, while the Ternion gets very little love. I like the figures that much though, so they will find a way into my lists.

Let’s take a look at the progress update and possible next models on the schedule.

Old Witch and Scrapjack (3)
Sorscha1 (plastic) (1)
Irusk1 (1)

Full Kayazi Assassins unit + Underboos (11 points)
Beast 09 (3)
Greylord Ternion unit (3)
Man-o-war Drakhun + dismount (5)
Full Mechanics unit (6)

33 points total
19 points left

Keeping on the infantry mood I think I’ll try to kill the unit of Mechanics first, and then an infantry appropriate caster like Irusk1. Think that will keep me in schedule just fine.

Next update in a week.

I have a huge collection of LotR figures from GW. Models from the first wave, till the very last before Finecast. How have I kept myself from jumping on the Hobbit bandwagon? (besides the fact that my whole hobby exists now without any GW items, and playing between 3 and 4 different games on a regular basis)

Here’s how.

Groblog the Goblin King. Finecast. Games Workshop.


Premium price, for a premium model.

(pic stolen from Scott’s My Wargaming Interests blog)