Just a shout out from a few of the things I’m reading around the interwebs. Please be mindful I’m still catching up from my vacation (I don’t touch a computer during vacation).

Am I the only one that would just love to see chess being dropped completely from any wargaming related discussion, article, note, ruleset, and blogpost? Chess is a simple boardgame. A very abstract, very popular, perfectly designed, and time enduring boardgame. It has nothing to do with toy soldiers, their rules, their mechanics, their theme or their interesting parts. Shit, I know almost no wargamer chess player (but I do know a lot of poker players who wargame, strangely).

If you’re a game designer and want to learn from all possible sources, of course, go a strip chess down to its bare bones. And also do it with other classic games not related to miniatures. But when it comes down to regular conversation, it’s completely out of place.

So stop comparing a miniatures wargame to chess. Please. Everyone. Just stop. Just because the pieces have somewhat military names does not make it even slightly similar to any modern miniature wargame (without a board) that’s out there.

Thank you.