February 2013

So what is Khador Month?

Well it’s my attempt at clearing my backlog of Khador figures that are swamping my painting table. Not only because I spent a lot of money on them and want to finish them up, but also cause I’m a bit hard to get unpainted figures on the table unless it’s the privacy of home, and there’s a lot of models here I want to use!

Also there’s a cool campaign going on at the hobby store and wanna try as many lists and models as possible. So, how does this work?

Well I will assign points to several models I want to paint. 1 point to small base models. 2 to medium. 3 to large bases. Each point equals a day of the month, roughly what it would take me to paint each model (of course I cannot paint all day, like most of you) so it’s a rough estimate. So I expect to paint about 31 points of models.


I have made a list of the models I want to paint, adding up to 33 points, mainly because some of them are started to some point and abandoned. But you know how it is, sometimes picking up a paintjob is more work than actually starting over. One last thing to consider is I’m finishing building my Conquest. So I’m sure I’ll be tempted to work on it at some point.

Anyway, here’s the list of models that will be getting some love (if all goes well)

Old Witch and Scrapjack (3)
Sorscha1 (plastic) (1)
Irusk1 (1)

Full Kayazi Assassins unit + Underboos (11 points)
Beast 09 (3)
Greylord Ternion unit (3)
Man-o-war Drakhun + dismount (5)
Full Mechanics unit (6)

33 points total

The idea is to update here weekly with pics of the finished models. If I finish early I will have a list of “bonus models” I’d like to do, but it’s a bit too early for that so I’ll check when the month is well on it’s way how I’m doing.

40K players convincing themselves for a couple of hours that an outdated, badly designed, completely unbalanced game is still fun.

Never gets old.

Just a shout out from a few of the things I’m reading around the interwebs. Please be mindful I’m still catching up from my vacation (I don’t touch a computer during vacation).

Am I the only one that would just love to see chess being dropped completely from any wargaming related discussion, article, note, ruleset, and blogpost? Chess is a simple boardgame. A very abstract, very popular, perfectly designed, and time enduring boardgame. It has nothing to do with toy soldiers, their rules, their mechanics, their theme or their interesting parts. Shit, I know almost no wargamer chess player (but I do know a lot of poker players who wargame, strangely).

If you’re a game designer and want to learn from all possible sources, of course, go a strip chess down to its bare bones. And also do it with other classic games not related to miniatures. But when it comes down to regular conversation, it’s completely out of place.

So stop comparing a miniatures wargame to chess. Please. Everyone. Just stop. Just because the pieces have somewhat military names does not make it even slightly similar to any modern miniature wargame (without a board) that’s out there.

Thank you.

Holidays are gone, and vacation as well, so it’s back to “work” huh?

I got a few things I’m working on. Specially since last Friday I got a couple of things, some I bought, and one was a late bday present from my brother. Yeah, the really big, heavy, and Khador one.

So on the Warmachine front, I’m having fun drilling all the guns and the waist piece (to make it dismountable) on the Khador Conquest, my biggest Warmachine model to date. Isn’t it a sexy piece of resin and dust?

And speaking of Dust, I got myself the Revised Core set. It’s still a great deal, but not an insane deal like the original Core set (of which I got two, of course). I really like the light walkers I should tell you. Oh, and a friend took pics of some Warfare games we played with the girlfriend over in the vacations, over a nice pool table. Hope she gets them to me soon.

Finally, I am still assembling and basing my two Aleph starters for Infinity. I’m working hard on the bases trying to make them look complex and interesting, but also keeping them as shallow as possible without rising the models more than 1mm. It’s a ruleset thing.

On other news, a friend of mine filmed a game we had between his Cygnar and my Khador. Think I mentioned it before. It’s cute, and has good music and the lists below, but it has no proper battle report of any kind so if you’re inclined to watch some toy soldiers move around here they are. The ending where eSorscha went for the kill is not taped either.

See? I have been painting. I’m still rocking the old shitty cam, that’s all. But that’s no reason not to upload a few things.

We’ve been getting into Dust Warfare and I went back to my plan of quick and effective paintjobs for them. The quick is accomplished. The effective, well, that’s opinion. Here are the first Axis units I’ve cracked, in about a week and a half.

Two Laser Grenadiers units.


A Heavy Recon Grenadier unit.

And my favorite, the Axis Gorillas.

On other news, I’m taking my summer vacation starting tomorrow, and we’re taking Warfare with us for the 15 days in the country. Will be a nice relaxing passtime, and I’m sure we will get to grips with the ruleset once and for all.

Oh, and keep an eye peeled for Jake Thornton’s God of Battles. It seems like finally we will get a modern design applied to mass fantasy battles. Sounds good so far.