This Sunday was a pretty good day for my wargaming. It stared on Saturday night really when I decided to paint the Laser Grenadiers from my Dust collection. I’ve been rereading the Warfare rules and thought I might as well try and do something with those wonderful figures. On Sunday a friend came to play some 25pt Warmachine, Cygnar vs Khador. He has a video someplace, I’ll see if it’s share material. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, he remembered the rules pretty well and it was a good change to NOT play against Khador. I won by assassination but it wasn’t easy at all (Sorscha2 + Spriggan charging the warcaster)

After that, my girlfriend decided she wanted to learn Dust Warfare… so, we sat down and played a small 70-ish points battle with three units a side. No heroes, no tanks, and no complex orders. Just the basics of turn sequence, moving and shooting. I got to put on the table a lot of scenery I don’t normally use in Warmachine so that was awesome. The game is a lot of fun though I had to squeeze my brain to remember and teach a lot of new concepts, something that will get way easier as time and battles go by.

All in all a great great Sunday of wargaming, and some Dust models on the paint desk for this coming week.

In other news, it seems the “GW hater syndrome” is not kept only for models. Remember those bloggers that write for 20 minutes how much they hate GW, their practices, and their prices, and finish up the piece with something like “I’ll still buy the next box and a couple more blisters though…”

Well, tonight on a wargaming blog I noticed the same thing on a review about the movie The Hobbit. It goes on about how disappointing it is in almost every aspect, and finishes with, and I quote:

I guess I’ll live with my disappointment. I will still buy the extended DVD when it comes out and see the next two installments. But it’s not anywhere near as good as LOTR.

Isn’t this just amazing? Can you imagine movie producers reading this, thinking basically “Wow, I can make ANY piece of crap I want. Because even the people who DON’T like it will still buy the DVDs and go watch the next ones. I love money.”

Wargamers, let’s raise the bar a bit.