So, everyone’s making their reviews of 2012 and their predictions and projects for 2013. Long lists of models, games, and painting hours fill blogposts all over the wargaming world. If you didn’t do yours, what are you waiting for?

Though, let’s be honest now. If you listed more than 4 or 5 projects, and most of you did, you know it’s not gonna happen. Two maybe? Three at the most?

But you showed me yours, and I don’t want to leave without showing you mine. Well, I’ll keep on truckin’ with my good old Khador. I see a Colossal coming very soon, and my painting desk is filled with the pseudo-Russian bastards. Also I’m late on the pictures. My camera decided to die so I need to fix that. Warmachine Khador is one. What’s the other 8 things on my project list you ask? Well only one. I came home today with these guys:

That’s one of the two Aleph starter sets for Infinity. The other one is on its way and I’ve been wanting to try this game out for ages. The time came when the community built up itself locally and I’m not letting this chance go. I’ll let you guys know how things turn out.