Been a while since I showed some painting progress but the reality is I moved and it was not easy to set a spot for (almost) decent pictures. Now it’s possible and there’s a bit of backlog so check through the whole week for a lot of new Khador models.

Today is the Manhunter. I had the variant ready for paint for the tournament that started this last Saturday but suddenly this model fell on my hands and decided it was going to be easier to paint (speed painting him alongside the Bears) and also a bit more stunning for the tourney.

As said before, this past Saturday a weirdly amazing tourney started. 25 points random couples. So 50 points of awesome on each side of the table with the weirdest combinations. Being ten players we made 5 couples and one did not play each round. I didn’t on the first one so only took one battle on the first day. I was paired with Trollbloods with eGrissel and I honestly think it’s the most balanced couple (I brought eSorscha with all weapon master infantry and two Devastators), even though we lost to a sneaky move by my favorite (most hated too) Circle player after killing almost all of his army (eKrueger if I recall?) and his partner’s (some epic Legion warlock girl, I can’t remember who).

Other combinations have been Retribution + Skorne, Cryx (pAshpy) + Retribution, and Khador (Strakhov) with Cryx (Terminus I think). All battles were incredibly fun and with my Troll partner we decided to go straight to ass kicking. That we did, but Circle + Legion could sneak a caster kill victory from us in the middle of our face smashing. We’ll be better prepared next weekend.