May 2012

So, Warhammer Ancient Battles is dead. Ok, maybe it’s been dead since the crappy 2nd edition came out, with Forge World selling the game only online so not a single book was ever seen as far as I can tell. But now it’s official.

No, they’re not going to sell the remaining stock anywhere, not even at full retail price. They’re going to shred them.

And no, they’re not giving copyrights back to its authors (specially for supplements). They’re disposing of the books, forbidding they make them available at no commercial gain, and keeping the copyright forever.

And people STILL ask me why I’m selling almost every GW model I ever collected and painted.

PS: If you’re interested in this Warmaster High Elf army or an unpainted+unbuilt Undead starter, leave a comment with your contact address 🙂

GW is having a price increase.

PP is having an amazing sale on their site.

Oh, and Warmachine is the most fun Ive had in 15 years of wargaming.

Go play.

A few pics of a game from last week with my girlfriend. She has been playing Butcher1 lately and I went back to Vlad2, which is definitely the most fun warcaster followed closely by the Witch. I still have to seriously play with a few of our casters and actually try some that I’ve never used (Zerkova, Harkevich, Butcher2).

Anyway, great fun games, about 2 a week or more with her, just playing fun SR2012 scenarios. I rather not do battle reports and just post pretty pics firstly because I upload these about a week later and we usually play more than one game straight, so my memory is at a loss. And also because beyond learning more about Khador and having a ton of fun, there’s nothing else of interest to report 🙂


Here’s some work in progress from the desk. Assembled the MOW Drakhun models and put my Black Sun starter set from Anima Tactics on spiffy Wyrd bases. That was a pain. This was taken yesterday morning, by now I have rocked the green stuff making the bases look cleaner without holes and such and filling a few spots on the horse as well as sculpting (very badly I might add) the missing right hoof. Also finished putting together the Type 005 there (arms and head).

Some paint pics soon.

Everyone told me I should field Demo Corps over Shocktroopers. Like they’re interchangeable. And of course they’re not. Each unit plays differently and should do a different task on your battle plan. Just like Bombardiers now, even if they’re a bit more expensive. I learned to play a lot with Shocktroopers but during my eVlad phase these guys were invaluable.

Here are my Demolition Corps.

As with my other MoW models, the first number on their shoulder pads represents the model on the card (leader is A, 2 is B, and so on). Looks military enough and don’t need to mark their bases or use a little die to show damage.

Oh yeah, and as you can see, a couple are walking/running. Gotta love PP’s plastics.

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