Saying I cannot get enough of this game would be an understatement. And somehow I always end up teaching it too.

This Sunday my girlfriend and I taught our Cygnar friend to play with his already painted 15 points. It was the typical battlebox + B13th. He already has painted his own Haley model so soon he will be busting my balls with her and her epic incarnation’s shenanigans. My girlfriend played Butcher with Dog, Great Bears, Widowmakers and a Destroyer for a total of 13 points. I just noticed her sucky math while making this post, btw. I played with pVlad, Behemoth and Juggernaut.

We played the Mosh Pit scenario and in the end it was a slugfest. Going slow to teach my friend the rules but not as slow as my girlfriend thought, specially when Behemoth charged the Butcher (before he decimated the Widowmakers and 2 out of 3 Bears with bombards). She swore revenge. The game went on for a while with a failed assassination by the Behemoth (Stryker left with 1 damn point). Then he counterassassinated but failed as well, and Vlad took care of business.

It was pure fun and another convert to this amazing game.

We had about an hour before dinner after our friend left so my girlfriend wanted a 25pt game to kick my ass. We went for some weird containers as scenery and played the Overrun scenario. I played again with a list I’m practicing with for an upcoming 25pts random couples scenarios. Basically it’s very high armor up front and not a single NON-weapon master model in the army. Matched with pButcher’s feat it’s overkill pretty much on anything. I’m thinking I’ll bring the hammer, lets hope the random pairing brings the anvil. I can swap him for eSorscha for a little less overkill (but not a lot) and some more spells, or the one I’m most tempted, pIrusk, to hit hard and make the feat turn a pain for the opponent, while putting Superiority on one of the jacks.

The list had Butcher, 2 Devastators, Great Bears, Manhunter, and Doom Reavers. She played with eSorscha, the Behemoth, a Juggernaut, Widowmakers, min Shocktroopers and the dog. I basically ran forward, lost a few Doom Reavers and the Manhunter on the approach and then charged into her big wall of metal. But with enough feated weapon master charge attacks (5 dice damage rolls), a few non-charge attacks (oh no, only 4 dice), and a Fury ridden Devastator (two P+S 19 initial attacks), there was little less in front of me and a lot of damage to spare.

She tried a hail mary assassination with very good thinking behind it, except it fell a bit short. And I mean, A BIT. Anyway, another great Warmachine afternoon and I hope you’re not tired of the same kind of posts and pics by now.

In other related news, I’m painting up a solid 15pts Asphyxious list to start my crawl into the underworld, and another 15pts Circle Orboros list with zero, and I do mean ZERO official PP models. Stay tuned!