Been playing lots of Warmachine lately. Most of it however has been teaching a bunch of new players at a nearby club. Not bad and there’s a host of new armies coming along so it’s all good, except those games aren’t usually the “real deal” (teaching and doing crazy stuff) and I usually end up battered both in my brain and my throat.

However I’ve been playing quite a bit with my girlfriend. We’ve been putting together silly 25pts armies just to bash and use the whole collection. Here’s a couple of pictures of 2 of our latest games. I was trying out the Old Witch for the second (and third time) and just like I lost terribly through caster kill the first game, I won these two comfortably by scenario. Aaah… I see what you got there sweet old lady…

Anyway, the scenario is Sacrifice which is so much fucking fun you should all try it out. The medium base with thingies on it represents the flag and the bead marks the center of a 12 inch circular zone that needs to be controlled. Too much fun. Oh, and if you see a painted Behemoth down there, he’s coming to the blog soon. I need to paint just a few more figs for an article on Lost Hemisphere. In fact the only unpainted figs in those games were the Witch and the Scrapjack.

More about crazy 25pts lists for an upcoming crazyass tourney in the next installment. Enjoy the pics.