You may be wondering why such few updates in the past couple of months. OK, maybe you didn’t even notice if you follow a bazillion gaming blogs like I do. I’ll explain nevertheless.

I’m moving alone, to a smaller place. That meant a lot of things in every aspect of my life. And gaming is not a small one. I’ve been selling off loads of things. If you think I have a ton of stuff, periods, games, and armies by looking at my galleries, then you probably know half of it. I have sold board games, card games, complete Napoleonic armies, Warhammer Fantasy armies, and a big etc.

I have thrown away hand-made gaming tables, printed out rulebooks I will never play and even random pieces of collections there’s no way to sell on its own without going through a whole lot of trouble.

So what will I be focusing on? I thought 2012 would finally be my Dystopian Wars year, but after reading about the release of a new rulebook about a year and a half after the first one, it was the kick I needed to get rid of it. I’m not keeping any historical, and now pseudo-historical stuff on my cabinets it seems. And trust me, after selling so much of my historicals to the local historical crowd in here, I know why I never got along with them. I’d rather play a game of 40K with Darrel from Beasts of War… trust me. Oh yeah, focus.

Warmachine, definitely the best wargame ever created, is on full steam (ha!). I have been playing a fuckload of games with my Khador, and there’s another crazy ass 15p tournament in 2 weeks. I have been painting, reading, talking, and playing that game like there’s no tomorrow. I plan on focusing on playing Khador for the whole 2012 while painting Cryx as fast as I can getting models just like any collector. And next year beg for the motherland’s forgiveness before diving on the deep end of Warmachine’s most hated faction. I really like this game.

And honestly, looking at my painting table, I cannot say there’s a lot more. See? Thought I’d be your typical wargames blogger who make a list of games they will be “focusing” on (but the list has 14 games!!! How…?) I admit, I am waiting to see what Dust Warfare brings us, and I already have a nice big collection of it I am definitely not selling off yet. However I do not have high hopes for it, sadly, but seeing how the Dust Tactics community here is well represented, I can wait a bit and see.

The only other thing that keeps my eyes peeled is Infinity. People around here are always threatening on getting deep into it. I need community to get into a game, I won’t lie. Infinity, like Warmachine, is not one of those game you have read me playing solitaire. They need the variety of different armies on the table and the skills of good players for fun, deep games.

I won’t lie to you, I haven’t even decided on a faction yet, nor have bought even one model (that’s a lie though, I have a few models I have painted from Panoceania that I got in a trade, but they don’t count) I am safely waiting for the waves to come, for my friendly store to stock on some stuff, and for some people to show enough interest to get to business with that game. Otherwise, as I said, it’s all Warmachine for me.

I realize many of you readers have come here before for LotR stuff, indie games reports like Gruntz, Chronicles of Blood or Flying Lead, and now it seems it’s all Warmachine. Well, I will get burned. Not to the point of getting out of the game, but I think around mid-year I will want to take a break from Khador. And I might dust off some random figs for some random game. But till that happens, I apologize for the WM focus on the blog for the forseeable future.

Wow, you got here? Thanks for reading!