Seems like GW is going to pay a bit of attention to LotR again. Good? Bad? I’m not even sure. Do I need another rulebook? Definitely not. Do I need more figures? Sure, they’re lovely. But they are more expensive than ever (seeing how the other system’s plastic boxes have been shrinking in number of figs but not in price).

Also, I still feel icky even considering buying something GW. And PP keeps pulling genius cards out of their sleeves (go and youtube “Warmachine Colossals” or “IK RPG”) Do I sound like the “GW vs PP” kind of guy? Yeah, I think I do, but if you know me you know it has everything to do with a good game vs. crap design and very little to do with company fanboyism. Though the ickiness to buy GW comes from their “fuck the southern hemisphere” move more than anything.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of years now since they have released anything that even remotely made me want to go back to any of their games (I loved Vampires Counts… I don’t care for none of the new figs… times change). With any luck they will release stuff that honestly does not pull my interest. And in the end, I could buy it all second hand in 3 or 4 years when they let the system go stale again and people ragequit LotR… again.