Today I played against my usual Circle opponent.

Spent a whole hour of my life and brain power coming up with ways to kill those obnoxious druids to find he had none in his 35p list. He’s practicing for a tourney coming up which I won’t be able to attend cause I’ll be on the beach. I did bring a nice list though.

He had Kromac with Megalith, a Stalker, another big bad wolf and a unit of Tharn ladies with weapon master spears (O.o) and an attachmente. Also some “shepperd-like” solo and I think that was it.

I brought my usual eVlad with Doom Reavers + attach, full MoW Shocktroopers, Widowmakers, a Spriggan, and added a new full unit of yet unpainted MoW Demo Corps. Some lessons from the battle.

Stay out of the fucking woods!!!! I know, I know, I should know this already. But somehow I built my MoW wall with a forest to a flank, and he used it as his base of operations for the bashing.

Widowmakers kick ass. The last 3 or 4 battles I couldn’t use them properly. Meaning I wasn’t shooting at squishy infantry from 14″ away. People know them and fear them so they know how to make them useless. Except they are SO kickass they can stand their ground against anything. Killing his Tharn cavalry last game was followed by an impressive point black gun-to-the-stealth-face round of shooting against the Tharn girlies. They even survived around of melee with Prey on them and the last dude managed to kill a Tharn with his sword. Hand of Fate on them rocks.

Stalker wolf-thing is a beast!! Berserk + Prowl + Sprint or some combo like that. He took over 4 of the five MoW Demo Corps in one round of brutal attack, attack, move, attack, attack, move and whateverthefuckhewantedtodo. Bastard went back into the woods after doing all that.

Megalith is obnoxious as all hell. I’ve killed him twice already. But in a staring contest, the fucker is just such a bother. Rift making rough terrain in front of my MoW eager to charge. Rough terrain around him protecting another wolf from proper “inch-tight” charges. Defense and ARM debuffs and whatnot with Kromac nearby. Such a pain. Oh, and ARM 21 with a spell on him. FFS…

In the end I killed a lot of stuff, he did too, but It was gonna end up pretty much being Kromac and Megalith against eVlad and the Spriggan (sitting on a bad spot after rightfully killing a completely healed Stalker in one swift, 3 focus + Assail charge turn… gotta love Khador jacks, and I play an infantry caster… um…) We did play the killing turn but was more theorymachine and rolling dice than anything else.

Thoughts on the game and list: stay the fuck out of the woods goddammit!!!! Play scenarios. Even on friendly games. When an army ignores terrain completely, the board is no longer an equal playing field for caster kill games. Get some mercenaries into the list building process. I’m one of those that hardly ever plays the Wardog, because I just don’t have an extra unspent point. But getting me a Saxon Orrik to give pathfinder when needed (specially my MoW wall playstyle) will do good against many, many opponents.

Anyway, a nice afternoon of pain and obnoxious Circle play. At least he doesn’t win on turn 3 anymore. Sorry for the wall of text, no pics were taken.