Yes, this is the 2011 review post that usually only the author cares about. But I will make it quick and concise.

I noticed I had no resolutions for this year. I talked about how I managed to fulfill the ones from 2010 (paint lots, play lots more) and it seems I was too busy getting into Warmachine during December/January that I completely forgot about them. Most bloggers out there make loooong lists of things to accomplish during 2012, right below the loooooong list of failed resolutions from 2011. So yeah, let’s not fall for that.

I did paint lots, and I did play lots more. On last December I played my first ever game of Warmachine, and it seems like it’s been ages ago. If you’re wondering, no, my brother didn’t get into it. He has a thing with losing, and after he beat me on my first game I won the next couple, so he decided a game where you can lose was not for him. I did get my girlfriend into WM and another friend though.

That noob on last December turned into a fan. Probably owning about 100 points of Khador, maybe 50 or so of Cryx, a few Trollbloods and a lot of Mercs that will sneak their way into the site (and my army lists) soon enough. I can honestly say it has been the minis game I have played the most in my 15 years of wargaming and by far the one I’ve enjoyed the most.

I posted around 100 posts, so that’s a nice thing. Probably the busiest year since I started this in ’07. I got rid of a lot of armies, both historical and fantasy. It was time to re-focus on my collecting and spending habits, specially when considering playtime.

But the important thing my friend is that I painted around 115 figures. It is definitely not a bad number, considering I don’t play big armies games anymore and most of them are beautiful Warmahordes stuffs.

So for 2012, more games, more painting, more theorymachine while on the bus (when you know the point cost for every model in your army you know you’re in trouble) and hopefully more great fun. With any luck Dust Warfare will be a better game than I hope and I will get to use the nice collection I’ve been amassing just as I rock the Warmachine toys.

Happy new year!