Disclaimer: I’m not a tournament winner Warmahordes player. Far from it in fact. I barely know my ropes with Khador, and have played the game for about a year now. I have played quite a bit though.

The marksman is probably one of the first solos a new Khador player gets his/her eye on, being that adding widowmakers to a battlebox makes the quintessential 15 pt starter army. So you have this amazing snipers everyone knows, and they still can’t do shit about them half the time if you play them correctly. It’s no wonder you go through PP’s gallery and see this guy and think “a widowmaker on steroids!”

And he pretty much is. The first thing to remember is he is not an attachment. There is some benefit from keeping him within 9 inches from the widowmakers, but after seeing the table and the enemy army keep in mind you can deploy him anywhere far away from his fellow snipers if you need.

He has adv. deployment, pathfinder, camouflage and sniper like the widowmakers, but be mindful of the differences. I’ve seen him too many times being considered just another widowmaker, the player forgetting the small upgrades he has for which he pays the 2 points. To begin with, he has stealth. We don’t have a ton of stealth, so keep that in mind. Secondly, his rifle’s POW is 12! Remember this specially when harming a light jack/beast, even without rolling more than 2 dice due to spells and such. Then of course the swift hunter ability which he can grant to widowmakers 9 inches from him, which lets them move 2 inches after killing something. A very useful ability for when you already are in an advantageous position: in front of single wound infantry models.

I guess most common widowmakers tactics apply to him, but when he’s on his own people tend to forget about him. Use that to your advantage and snipe that unit attachment that gives so many bonuses, or even get a bit of harm on the opposing caster/lock if you have the chance. 14 inches is a long range in Warmachine. Also don’t forget he has better RAT than his fellow snipers with a whooping 8.

The crappy thing about him being a solo is that he will not benefit from spells on the widowmakers unit, like the nice Hand of Fate from eVlad. If you’re going to take him alone without the widowmakers and your caster’s feat would not greatly affect him, then you’re probably better off with Kell Bailoch for similar abilities and stats (POW 10 though) but two shots instead of one if he doesn’t move (and for the same points). In a big game, and if you’re into the subtleties of sniping then you could field them all and have your opponent think twice before he/she deploys the infantry.