Last weekend I had my second tournament, this time at Borges culture centre where modelers where showing their annual expo. I brought the list I showed a few posts below and the most amazing things happened.

First game against an Absylonia list. Beautiful models. We tied. No, really, we tied the untieable game. We tied on every damn tiebreaker, all 4 of them and also the army points (eVlad and Absylonia both had +5 jackbeast points) so a roll of some dice just put me over my opponent for next round’s matchups purposes.

Second game against freaking Miguel and his obnoxious Kaya Orboros. I should already know how to play against him right? Well, I did well in not sending important models upfront and he had to use his feat to get a few kills, but then when I was getting my payback I left Vlad too exposed for a caster kill.

Third game and matchups made me play against the same opponent as the first game. I’m still to play against any Cryx in tourneys! This time we were both as cautios as the first game but it was nicer to actually know what the beasties did this time. In the end we were running out of time and I feated to utterly destroy his Raek (on single Doom Reaver blow without feat on him) and his Typhon.

Overall a lot of fun, no 4th round again due to overwhelming victory by Orboros, and at least this time people looked at my army with a little more fear than last time. It’s a nice and fun as all hell list and I just can’t get enough of Vlad.

Now click on the picture to get to the hundred pics photobucket slideshow. Some amazing pics by my friend Gonzalo and my girlfriend Stef. The tables looked great if a bit overcrowded (specially for my infantry heavy, medium based, snail speed parade) All the snowy walls and fences are from my collection, which made a great winter board with other people’s scenery.

And if you want to check out the rest of the expo, click on the next picture for that slideshow. Some very high quality stuff, and the railroad modelers always make everything better.

I’ll upload pics of the three models I had to paint for this tourney with some thoughts on how they play during the week.