Yes! Tomorrow Saturday, only two weeks after my first foray into competitive WarmaHordes, I’ll be playing the second one. It takes place on a cultural centre in downtown Buenos Aires, and it’s hosted by the annual expo the static modelers put. They wanted some wargaming flavor added to their wonderful art show so they contacted the store I play at and the tourney is just an excuse to throw some dice and show off some wargaming goodness so it’s pure gain.

Anyway, unlike last tourney, I made a more balanced (I think!!!) 25 points list, or at least one with a plan. That meant I had to paint some new models, and I did. So adding to my gallery soon you will see the widowmaker marksman, the greylord escort, and epic Vladimir as my caster for this tourney.

They are all great models both visually and ingame. eVlad is probably the only Vlad model I like, and was originally going to use the prime stats, but the epic version is just too much fun. I mean, focus 7 never hurt a Khador player either.

His battlegroup is only composed by a Juggernaut who will be bodyguarding him for as long as possible, or until I find a nice path for a +2 inches movement (charge, slam or trample) plus an extra 2 inches slam move to open an assasination path if need be (all of this with one of eVlad’s upkeeps).

The rest of the army is composed of small, independent blocks, that can take care of each other if need be and can be affected by eVlad’s feat however I want as long as they’re in his quite big 14 inches control area.

First group is a full MoW shocktroopers unit. Yeah, you know I love those guys, and yes, I would probably switch them for demo corps if I had the models. But they have reach, shieldwall, an impressive 14 pow on either the melee weapons or their cannons, and they block LOS pretty well with their medium bases and 8 wounds each.

Next is widowmakers plus marksman. They will probably be very forward at the start, taking potshots. They will have a spell that lets them roll an extra die on attack and damage and discard the lower, add to that the ability to boost a roll with eVlad’s focus (due to a spell he has on himself) and suddenly if there is no squishy infantry on the board they can start putting the hurt on light jack/beasts or heavy infantry! Gotta remember the marksman is not an attachment and CAN be deployed far away if needed, and also that his rifle is strenght 12 and he has stealth.

Last but not least, the psycho doom reavers with the greylord escort attach. The have tough with him but still squishy so protecting them is a priority. Good charge range, reach, magical weapons and weapon master, again with the ability to boost any rolls (because the spell is in Vlad, not them).

The plan, because this time I do have one, is assasination. Move forward trying to neutralize some of the enemy’s attempts to reach a well defended Vlad (with the MoW and Juggy). Even then, he’s a tough as nails caster so not any assasination attempt will do. Widowmakers harassing and when the time comes, feat.

This bastard of a feat gives a minimum of 4 of my warrior models +3 on all stats for a round. That’s a fucking giant thing!!!! Let’s make it this simple. Doom reavers charging 12 inches, with reach, 4 dice on damage with +3 on the melee damage (the feat affects strenght as well). MoW charging 10 inches, with reach, POW 17 weapons. If something stands on the way of the assasination run I can send Juggy slamming 9 inches, and a minimum of 3 inches slam, that’s without even spending one focus. Remember any of the warriors on my control area can spend focus to boost. And after Vlad casts his three useful upkeeps on the first round, he has 4 focus to spare pretty much every round.

So that’s the deal. Sounds like a fun army, kind of imposing on the table which is always fun, and focusing on caster kill leaves my brain easier to think of possible wins by scenario though I honestly suck at them.

Here’s the list in resume and any thoughts are VERY welcome (though changes to the list, considering the tourney is tomorrow, are unlikely)

Full MoW Shocktroopes
-Greylord Escort
Widowmaker Marksman