So there’s another WarmaHordes tournament brewing here. Still not sure if we will get the minimum 10 people to play because there’s a lot of whining about having to field 25pts armies fully painted.

Anyway, one of the requirements is to bring 3 medium based objective markers, and 1 big base one. Most won’t bring them of course, but I thought it was a good chance to make some. On hindsight though, I should have probably made 2 big base ones for when I play those scenarios here at home… oh well…

I just grabbed a bag full of bizarre bits I have. I use that bag for weird bases like the ones on my Cryx models. And here’s what I came up with. Be mindful that the medium ones are the classic “flag” objectives and the big one is usually a big rock you have to destroy. But honestly the only requirement is base size, so I just went a bit weirdo with them.

On the medium ones, the chests are not glued to their ghostly guardians, so I can use them for other games as well. The ghosts are pieces from some 40K demon or something.

The big base has some nice skeleton laying on treasure I found, a burnt bonfire from a Lord of the Rings set and some old Orc or goblin spear points.

Get a few bases and some weird bits, and make your very personal (not even you know what they’ll look like!) objective markers.