November 2011

I finally got to play a WarmaHordes tournament! Amazing fun, amazing people, and amazing armies.

It was only three rounds due to time and space, and 8 players, but I won my first match against a fellow Khadoran. We were both running pButcher, and we both had different flavors of men-o-war, so it was a lot of fun. After that I lost to Retribution and then to my hated Orboros “regular” opponent.

I went with a lousy list of painted models to avoid painting anything specific. I just wanted to play! I just hate the damn mortar and I keep fielding it. It’s so useless!!

Anyway my friend Gonzalo took some pics and here they are. Click for the slideshow I completely fail to embed.

Ok so it took me some time. I have bought this model probably as one of my first ever Warmachine purchases. I built it and magnetized it a loooong time ago. I painted most of it so long ago you have seen him in pretty much every battle report. But it was never finished!

Not sure why, but I never got to paint all the weapon options… which was just stupid. With a possible two upcoming tourneys, and even though I have a painted metal Juggernaut, I decided it was finally time to paint his plastic kit open hand. And of course I sat and also painted de Marauder’s pistons and the Decimator’s gun.

So finally the heavy kit is complete for all four jacks (and the Decimator saw also works in my Torch model). Pics ahoy!



Happy Solo wargaming appreciation day to all of you!!! If you haven’t yet this month, give solo wargaming a chance. Find that different mindset that lets you explore wargaming from a completely different point of view.

If you need some help, or inspiration, check these two blogs:

And if you need a few ideas check Isildur’s Bane, my solitaire rules hack for the Lord of the Rings game, as well as this solo mechanism for the Song of Blades and Heroes which will work with any Ganesha (and other’s) games with the same core mechanic.

If you want some solo friendly skirmish games go check Two Hour Wargames and if you’re interested in a squad level game with modern warfare as its subject (but VERY easily adapted to other eras or genres) and very elegant solo friendly mechanisms, check Force on Force.

Of course this is just scratching the surface of solo wargaming and just a fun way to get playing straight away. Thousands of blog posts have been written about the subject way more comprehensively than me, though you can normally see in this place I am an avid solo gamer. Give it a try, not to replace any gaming you already do, but as another flavor on the big wargaming menu.

A new Dust Warfare design diary post was released and this time it does say at least a few things about the design of the coming game. I’m pleasantly surprised to see alternating activations based on C&C (or at least I think so… I’m guessing it’s not alternate activation, rather just not letting players activate their whole armies every turn).

And also a limited reaction system which instead of limited in the things a reacting unit can do, it simply makes the player put a reaction token on the board to note the unit reacted and it cannot do so again. “We cannot let units react all the time cause… um…” Tell that to Infinity man.

Not elegant at all, but whatever works (and bear in mind it IS Andy Chambers designing the game… don’t expect anything too progressive or ground breaking).

So far it looks like taken straight out of Battlefield Evolution, but we’ll see.

So there’s another WarmaHordes tournament brewing here. Still not sure if we will get the minimum 10 people to play because there’s a lot of whining about having to field 25pts armies fully painted.

Anyway, one of the requirements is to bring 3 medium based objective markers, and 1 big base one. Most won’t bring them of course, but I thought it was a good chance to make some. On hindsight though, I should have probably made 2 big base ones for when I play those scenarios here at home… oh well…

I just grabbed a bag full of bizarre bits I have. I use that bag for weird bases like the ones on my Cryx models. And here’s what I came up with. Be mindful that the medium ones are the classic “flag” objectives and the big one is usually a big rock you have to destroy. But honestly the only requirement is base size, so I just went a bit weirdo with them.

On the medium ones, the chests are not glued to their ghostly guardians, so I can use them for other games as well. The ghosts are pieces from some 40K demon or something.

The big base has some nice skeleton laying on treasure I found, a burnt bonfire from a Lord of the Rings set and some old Orc or goblin spear points.

Get a few bases and some weird bits, and make your very personal (not even you know what they’ll look like!) objective markers.

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