Hey guys, I hope one of the readers here, mostly from the U.S. can help me out. Grindhouse is having a nice sale till September 16. Their boardgame Incursion is only $15. So, being that I want to dispose of some stuff, I’m offering a trade. If anyone takes it during the sale, then all the better for you!!!!

The trade is simple, and relies on trust… so I’m going on a limb here.

I want the Incursion boardgame + Bazooka APE + Zip Kelly + Gracie from their Allies section (they’re basically the latest Allies releases). I don’t care if you have them, order them and send them to me, or simply make an order with my home address.

Once I get some kind of confirmation, I will ship to you, anywhere in the world, a long out of print Warmaster Undead Starter set. It’s a big army, complete to the last piece, unassembled, unpainted, in blisters and box.

Any takers?

EDIT: sorry, maybe comments aren’t the greatest. So here: doguipreacher (at) gmail (dot) com