Wednesday again and a slight update. My house is going through some construction hell so I’m barely able to sit and paint, and not a decent spot to take pictures anywhere. So these will have to do.

Cryx’s battlebox figs are based. The theme is basically “invasion” so I’ll try and make most figures’ bases reseble some of this. In this case I added some bits of furniture and stuff to them, taking advantage of the light plastic figs for repositioning and stuff. I might add some little “sprue bricks” to the bases, but right now I’m trying to come up with a decent color scheme. Oh yeah, that’s a poor wrecked mechanithrall on the Slayer’s base. Plenty more where that one came from as they say.


So for next time I hope I’ll be able to show the painted epic Irusk model that’s already seen some table time. Also finishing a Kodiak which would be cool to have by next week. Also on the workbench is Karchev and a unit of Daughters of the Flame already assembled.