Wednesday update here with some buying and gaming.

If you’re even mildly interested in the Dust universe you might want to go grab the bigass starter box while you still can. The thing is being updated with a revised box set with completely new and different figures, maps and scenarios for the veteran players but still newbie friendly. But, the thing comes with a lot less stuff. I’m guessing it’s in the expansion sets format, which is less than half the size of the original box. The other reason to grab it it’s because it is a pretty amazing deal. Check the price of it and consider it has 32 figures and 4 (yes, four) of the most amazing walkers in the market today. It beats the other bigass AT-43 box by a mile. (People usually compare them, I’ve got them both)

In fact, the deal is so good I had to go grab a second set. It’s a LOT cheaper than buying duplicate unit boxes. I don’t have great expectations for Dust Warfare though. I think Rick Prestley isn’t even in the universe of progressive wargame designers. In fact I believe he’s in the “new wave of old school” design, for the “beer and pretzels game” crowd but with the glossy full color rulebook taste. That’s not bad, but also not what I’m looking for. I’m still developing my own board-less Dust and that’s probably what I’ll be using the figs on.

Oh yeah, I got the Operation Cyclone expansion as well.

On the gaming front, my gf and I played a couple of killbox games during the weekend. We are slowly starting to play scenarios, something I think takes Warmachine to the next level once you’re leaving the shallow waters of newness.

I played Butcher, Spriggan, Juggernaut and Kodiak. She played Sorscha, two Destroyers and Juggernaut. On the first game I charged Sorscha with the Spriggan on the second turn, feat and Full Throttle on it, game over.

On the second game, she made some nice move tricks. I was in a bad position so had to do something brutal, which I did, killing two of her three warjacks in a turn with feat and Full Throttle. But I was left in a less than great position still. Now she had to do or die, so used Wind Rush, feat, and then charged the Butcher who had no focus on. Still, ARM 18 is a freaking beast, so the bastard survived to kill her the following turn.

I realized how scared I am of Destroyers, and I’m a Khador player. Can only imagine what other players feel when you deploy them or Behemoth (or mortar crew, or Black Ivan!!)