I’ve played a few games lately.

First, during the weekend, a couple of Dread Zone battles with my girlfriend, Khador vs. Khador, violent random scenario madness. I’m trying to play a lot of that to create a modified version with less bookkeeping and more violence (if that’s even possible) to play a mini-league or something at the friendly game store.

And yesterday afternoon I took some of my unfinished and now finished figures I were painting for the tourney to play at the store. A friend playing obnoxious Circle Orboros was there and he handed my ass in a plate twice. First game at the snow board was 25 pts. and caster kill. I conceded after realizing he would keep killing my heavy stuff however he wanted and running back without me able to do anything but chase him but lose my army in the process.

The second game we changed table, turned it up to 35 pts. and tried one of the regular scenarios the guys play there at tourneys. That was my first time playing a scenario that was not basically pure violence, so I lost in 3 turns O.o

Fun was had, a lot of Warmachine chat with a friendly and curious Warhammer Fantasy player watching the games, and a bit of knowledge in my head about damn Circle and scenario play.