August 2011

Wednesday again and a slight update. My house is going through some construction hell so I’m barely able to sit and paint, and not a decent spot to take pictures anywhere. So these will have to do.

Cryx’s battlebox figs are based. The theme is basically “invasion” so I’ll try and make most figures’ bases reseble some of this. In this case I added some bits of furniture and stuff to them, taking advantage of the light plastic figs for repositioning and stuff. I might add some little “sprue bricks” to the bases, but right now I’m trying to come up with a decent color scheme. Oh yeah, that’s a poor wrecked mechanithrall on the Slayer’s base. Plenty more where that one came from as they say.


So for next time I hope I’ll be able to show the painted epic Irusk model that’s already seen some table time. Also finishing a Kodiak which would be cool to have by next week. Also on the workbench is Karchev and a unit of Daughters of the Flame already assembled.

Thinking about theme lists for Warmachine is always fun. Even funner when they’re not for the faction you play!!

Going for a theme list can be a nice way to get into a faction. There are crazy exceptions and there’s one in this post to be sure, but yeah. I have some loose models here and there from Cryx and Menoth. For Cryx I decided to make an honest jump into them as my second faction. They will get prime treatment, but always after Khador in all respects. I got me a starter set, some random jacks and a couple of units.

Recently I found online a nice 35pts theme list for Deneghra, the cast from the starter box and the one I’m going to focus on (heh…). Unlike with Khador whom I love all the way, I want to specialize in a single caster for Cryx for as long as I can. So with that, here’s the list (stolen from the interwebz, leave a comment if it’s your creation for proper credit)

Deneghra (+5)
-Nightwretch (4)
-Nightwretch (4)
-Deathripper (4)
-Deathripper (4)
-Deathripper/Ripjaw (free at tier 3)
-Seether (9)
Min Bile Thralls (5)
Pistol Wraith (3)
Pistol Wraith (3)
Warwitch Siren (2)

From those models I’m only missing the Pistol Wraiths, the Siren, and the Skarlock. Yep, I’ve got all the damn bonejacks and the Seether. So on this list, on Wednesday’s update I’ll show you the starter set built and ready for paint (with an extra Defiler that won’t make it to this list).

On the other end of sanity there’s the Menoth theme list. It includes an insane amount of models, the new warcaster from Wrath and even a model that isn’t out yet. Thyra is probably my favorite character from Wrath (yeah, I know, from the army I like the least) but it just happens I have a few of their models too. I have a starter, a few heavy jacks laying here and there and somehow I got a bucket of Daughters of the Flame to use in other games. Her theme list includes, amongst the unreleased solo (Nicia, my SECOND favorite character from Wrath… damn) and the new character warjack, the list embraces a fuckload of Daughters. So here, straight from the PP Forums, Tier 4 Black Widows.

Thyra (+6)
-Dervish (4)
-Blood of Martyrs (9)
Min Daughters of the flame (5)
Min Daughters of the flame (5)
Min Daughters of the flame (5)
Min Daughters of the flame (5)
Min Daughters of the flame (5)
Nicia (3)

Yes, that’s 30 Daughters. Now I can make a few changes on that to make use of some of the stuff I’ve got. I only own about 3 units of Daughters from that list.

I could take off a unit of Daughters, and switch the Dervish for a Redeemer and Max Choir. Or simply switch the Dervish for a Repenter (both the switch jacks are on the starter). This last path seems the more sane for starters, but who would want to collect Menoth without a Choir unit? Except, I don’t plan on collecting this faction… right?

Do you want to see how visually awful, silly, and unplayable can miniature wargames get with the right mix of players and rules? Just follow this link and try to stick till the end.

Wednesday update with painted stuff!!

First up Mr. Butcher. He likes to hurt stuff.

Next the amazing winter guard mortar crew. I’ve set the scheme for my future winter guard units with these guys, which not strangely resemble a bit of the Butcher’s attire. I think I’ll paint another mortar before getting a full WG unit.

Last but not least, Torch. Character jack, 3 initial attacks, gunfighter, virtuoso, smoke bombs, pathfinder on charges, flamethrower, sustained attack… 10 points. And some people still have doubts about him.

Anyway, I built him outta the juggernaut from the battlebox, with the saw magnetized from the heavy kit’s decimator.

Not painted, but just arrived. Four lovely Dust Tactics units. The command units for both factions, and the spotter + sniper boxes also for the Allies and Axis. Now I just need some nice medium walker kits with the artillery weapons.


Down in the pipeline I’ve got to assemble an already painted eIrusk and finish my faithful Kodiak before starting any other jack.

There’s 25% off on Warmachine figures at Sci-Fi Genre (

I’ve got a few items coming, so thought I’d give a heads up.

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