Small Table Game Day again. This time 3 games in one night. The two Warmachine games shown here and a LotR game shown separately a bit later.

Playing this game on such a small table represents different challenges so it’s always fun to come up with very small army lists to try and fool around with.

My girlfriend was stuck on her trusty battlebox army, 11 points consisting of Sorscha, Destroyer and Juggernaut. I went a little crazier with new models painted so I deployed Butcher, Destroyer, a min. unit of Man-o-War and the Widowmaker Marksman.

The game went as simple as advancing, some shooting here and there, and then the smashing, however untimely, charge of the Man-o-War + Butcher to decimate the enemy Destroyer without even popping the feat. Of course too much trust in the wreck marker and the Butcher himself let my gf charge him with the Jug who completely wasted him. Oh yes, the man is not immortal after all.

We played another game, because we had played a similar game before which I won so this one was to determine best of three. Army lists are the same even though I set up my plastic jack as a Jug. He is actually a Destroyer (too late and too lazy to change it back).

My deployment was pretty similar, however she changed a bit of her strategy. Her Juggernaut was on the far right completely out of the fight. She wasn’t able to give him focus to run trying to stay in cover so I knew that jack was a waste of points. But she doesn’t like me pointing that stuff out till the end of the game.

Things got heavy in the middle of the hill, taking down the Destroyer with my Man-o-War unit and my own jack, the Marksman doing nothing but some pop shots at Sorscha. After that, with her Jug on range of the fight, I simply sent my Destroyer to kill her which he did in one swift stroke aided by the Butcher’s spell but still not popping the feat. She’s squishy like that.

Another fast and brutal game with warcasters being smashed to pulp by heavy warjacks. What more could you ask for?