A bit of hobby update finally!!

First, the scenery from Dust Tactics. I just felt like painting them. Yeah, the figures will be too, those are just too pretty.

If you’re wondering why they rest on a textured CD base you will see soon enough when I share my Dust Tactics hack to play without the board 🙂

And thought I’d share these WIP of 3 Khador warcasters I’m painting. Plastic Sorscha, the Butcher (gorgeous mini… and amazing model on the tabletop!) and epic Irusk. I still have to paint Karchev and put together Strakhov. No shortage of warcasters for Khador here.

Probably on the weekend I will show you the painted metal Sorscha and the Man-o-war unit. Meanwhile, some interesting comments on the post below. Be sure to check them out and share.