Today I visited a comic store which had some wargaming stuff. There was some GW scenery in there I’ve been meaning to get. After browsing and deciding on what to get, I had this crappy feeling. I looked at the GW boxes on the lot and just felt bad, almost uncomfortable. All week reading about the stuff they’re pulling and worst, all the news items about the Finecast range as if it’s something new or revolutionary or never done before. I dropped the boxes and just went home with some other random stuff (a couple of resin scenery packs and some comic books). I mean, this stuff wasn’t even from the Finecast range, nor did have the price increase… just backlog stuff that was in the store. And yet I felt like an ass for a while.

Did this ever happen to you? Feeling bad about buying something as harmless as toy soldiers is way strange for my world. Am I just a dumbass and should stay away from the internets for a while or is it possible that GW really put that feeling into me with the last couple of weeks’ news? I’m no ad or PR professional, maybe someone out there can shed a light.