Ok, so I’m with a nasty virus, stuck in bed for 3 days. Which gives me time to actually do stuff, like uploading this stuff!!!!

First a few LotR figs I painted to kill the Warmachine fever (no pun intended) I had for almost 6 months now. Some elven archers and swordsmen. Elves are one of the armies I like the most in this range and it’s surprising how few I have painted!


Now to the promised guys. Took me a long time to paint these guys. I don’t really like them (don’t ask why, I don’t know), but on the table I rarely go without them. I had them half painted for a very long time now so I’m happy I got them done. Widowmakers, the 4 point unit no Khador battlegroup leaves home without (perfect for 15 points with the battlebox)

I will finish the bases of the Man-o-War Shocktroopers and take good pics as well. Maybe even finish painting all the arms variations of my plastic jack kit so I can show him (I have painted the magnetized chassis quite a long time ago, and it’s just lovely).