Just an update to let you guys know I’m still alive. New job, school at night, so you can figure out how life changes. Anyway, later this week I will post 2 Khador units I have painted. Widowmakers and a 3 man unit of Man-o-War Shocktroopers. Those models are just amazing. The perfect combination of kick ass troop and light warjack. And I will be making at least 2 full units of those guys.

In another place in this same blog there has been quite some activity regarding my solo rules for LotR, Isildur’s Bane. There has been at least a couple of new players, asking questions and posting reports either in the article here or their own blogs. I am really glad more people find out about them.

Anyway, life is busy but the brush carries on!

PS: Played some Warmachine last night against my girlfriend. Epic Sorscha vs. the Butcher. Behemoth, Destroyer and Juggernaut on the table among other violent, smashing beasts. It was all that Warmachine’s supposed to be!