April 2011

The one thing I’m looking forward regarding Warmachine is the proposed tournament at my friendly game store. It’s supposed to be a 15pts team tourney, but the teams are to be randomly determined before the first match. Stuff like this happens a lot in Warmachine tournaments all over the world. The game is so damn fun there’s just no excuse not to make it even funner. There will be excellent matchups, and useless ones, and it will probably be a blast.

It will be my first tournament so I’m pretty excited about it. And since I started not too long ago, 15pts lists are an art I’ve been performing pretty much my whole Warmachine “career” 🙂 However, I’ve got a somewhat limited selection of models, specially painted ones or “paintable” for the tourney. Mechanics, widowmakers, and manowars are the only units I’ve got. On the warjack department I’m fair a bit better. What I do have is several warcasters, and as you already know, every one of them is a different army alltogether. Also, the games here allow to play epic or regular versions no matter the actual model you’ve got (except when base size changes happen).

So until today I was dealing with a few lists. I decided to get the best bang for my bucks, so in spite of having Karchev, Sorscha and epic Irusk, I thought I’d take a caster with +6 Warjack points. That left me with either regular Irusk or epic Sorscha. And I still had at least a couple of lists for each of them.

Imagine my feelings today when somehow I ended up with both the Butcher and Strakhov’s models. And such beautiful models they are. So yeah, back to the drawing board.


PS: I’m playing Mercenaries on Vassal after getting the card deck. So… much… fun.

No, not going to talk about paint!

Both Beasts of War and RHQTV covering Adepticon like they do. Am I the only one completely shocked and excited about it? For someone in South America like me where events like these simply do not exist, seeing, hearing, and learning about all of this stuff with such detail is just amazing.

All praise the internet and the people with the drive to do this (for free, though you probably figured).

And let’s hope they go at it at some other conventions.

Thanks to one of the blogs I follow, INQ28, I just found out Forge World will be making (at least one for now) some 2’x2′ expansions for GW’s modular board.

Of course the price will surely suck, but at least it’s some great inspiration for my STGDs!!! (and who knows? Maybe I could get one if they outdo themselves).

Check it out.