In yet another of my Small Table Game Days, number 2 this time, I played some 15 point fast and furious Warmachine with my girl. Sadly we didn’t take pics of the game, solely because there were some unpainted models. Still, I got a few of the table and the figures at one time.

She had the classic 15p force with Sorscha, Juggernaut, Destroyer, and Widowmakers. She likes them and knows how to use them. Now the title makes sense, because I was playing with Epic Sorscha (my new love), a Destroyer, my newly built Torch, and the Widowmaker Marksman solo.

We deployed 5 inches from the edges, and 7 inches for the advance deployment Widowmakers (both her unit and my solo). I had first turn and with eSorscha gave the Marksman a spell that basically turns his shot into a 3′ AOE if he killed something. Shot at a Widowmaker without cover and incredibly missed. Bummer. Torch advanced and threw smoke bombs, and Destroyer shot and hit the enemy Destroyer, doing nothing, but killing a Widowmaker in the blast.

She ran both her jacks, keeping Sorscha and the Widowmakers behind (some in cover but not all). They couldn’t shoot at eSorscha behind Torch’s smoke and the Marksman had a whooping +6 behind cover (I forgot he had Stealth, but later in the turn remembered).

Second turn and I managed to pull the good charges in, but with a stupid mistake as follows. Both her jacks were behind small walls, but just far enough to fit my jacks’ bases! So I gave a focus to Torch who charged the Juggernaut (he gets pathfinder on charges, so he crossed the wall) and did some damage. Marksman shoots against a fellow Widowmaker, the aforementioned spell upkept by the caster, and kills another Widowmaker with it, making the reminding one fail a command check. Then I remembered about the awesome feat Ms. eSorscha has, and decided that even though I already charged and did some damage with Torch and the Marksman, it was STILL worth to pop. Yes, it’s THAT good. So she pops her feat, gives boundless charge to the Destroyer, and a focus full jack charges 9 inches through a wall and into the enemy Destroyer. Needless to say after 3 hacks with double damage he was scrap metal.

On her second turn she kinda freaked out, Widowmaker couldn’t shoot because of the fleeing status. She didn’t even pop her feat to try and freeze Torch (eSorscha and the bonded Destroyer are both immune to cold). This was perhaps the biggest mistake in the game, because she could still try and do something with her caster and a crippled Juggernaut. The jack had his right arm (big ass ice axe) crippled so he really didn’t do much to Torch. And because he ended his activation 2 inches away from the bonded Destroyer, he got frozen.

My third turn. Torch beats the hell out of the Juggernaut, setting him on fire while frozen (Warmachine rocks!) and the bastard is left with one health box on. Yes, one. Blocking my charge lane to Sorscha. But don’t despair. Mr. Marksman takes a shot at a frozen jack (engaged by Torch, which still wasn’t enough bonus to make him sweat). Widowmakers can make one single free damage instead of rolling the dice. Which in this case was more than enough. One bullet and the Juggernaut was debris. Another boundless charge on the Destroyer and he charges Sorscha, who had a Defence bonus. He couldn’t hit her in a million years, of course.

One last turn for Sorscha and now yes, with only one Widowmaker and no jacks, it just wasn’t going to happen. Assasination was very unlikely (the thing with playing in such a tight surface) and she just tried to hurt the Destroyer which she did just a little bit. After her raging attack she was with one focus left, not enough for a wind rush spell.

On my turn I simply moved the Destroyer out of the way and took a swing at her which amazingly hit and got half her health. Then Torch charged in, I made sure the first boosted hit was with his sustained attack rip saw, but she was dead after the charge attack.

A great game with some minor mistakes (in tactics, not rules) and quite happy how it turns out in such a little play area. Every move was deadly, and the mistake my gf thinks she did was exactly that. Thinking things were going down from turn 3 onwards, as usual, while I got the charges in after a turn in which I didn’t even run.

Models we knew, some decent sinergies going on, but a whole new game with lots of cover and small playing area. And damn I like eSorscha and Torch.