I had contact with the game Infinity a long time ago. Probably the most gorgeous sci-fi models in the world, and the rules have been free online forever. Had a look at them and they seemed so old-school and clunky.

This week’s Beasts of War spotlight on the game got me to revisit it. Yeah, it is written in an old style, if you know what I mean. But man they’re crazy. I just remember watching some Valkyria Chronicles gameplay videos in youtube (I do not have a last gen game console) and loving the orders system. It’s all Infinity. The ARO system, just amazing (and so much simpler that THW’s).

So yeah, I’m guilty of putting a game aside by the look of its cover (and with Corvus Belli it’s usually a very pretty cover). Might have to get me some ALEPH troops to make it up.

By the way, had my first Small Table Game Day game last night, some LotR solitaire action with an original scenario that worked just too well and a lot more troops than you should ever deploy on a 2’x2′ table. More on that to come.