Been playing some Warmachine on Vassal, as usual. And since I’m putting together my second Sorscha model (see a couple of posts below for the acquisition of said plastic model) I thought I’d use her as the epic version in coming games. But Vassal is the test drive.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is the illo that inspired my whole army scheme.

Reading her skills and spells is just pure pleasure and fun. She’s as kick-ass as they come. And I’ve been playing lots of Winter Guard + UA + Kovnik Joe, which is something of a given in an eSorscha force.

Anyway, her feat is just amazing and pretty straightforward to use. It is not a matter of how to use, but when. When is it going to do the most damage? Which is the turn I’ll set my whole army to deliver one devastating blow and make the opponent cry? It’s as simple as doubling every point of damage that beats enemy models’ armor. Yes, anything that damages, does it twice as hard for the whole turn. So it reminded me of this song from a great band. Fits perfectly.