Yeah yeah, you heard that title a million times before in many a wargames blog. But I’m not going to talk about figure scales, or even army sizes. I’ve been interested in table sizes for some time. You know how sometimes unrelated stuff seems to align and suddenly, oh the horror, a string of thought crosses your mind.

The past few months saw me playing Warmachine, a great game with a skirmish concept to it (at least in the most basic type of play) and a strange slow rate of actual movement. Figures really don’t move that much. You measure a lot of stuff, but a lot happens with figures standing still most of the time. (I know, the strange thing would be for them to NOT stand still, but you get my meaning).

Eden, a pretty amazing little game I discovered recently, is played with even less figures than your regular Warmachine. The nominal table size is 60×60 cm, or roughly 2′ by 2′. The design philosophy is similar, as is most of the skirmish character driven games coming out now. That table size caught my attention, specially because I have a bunch of boards in that size that make up bigger tables. Playing wargames with my girlfriend and painting whatever the hell comes to mind also have something to do with this.

Finally, accepting the Song of Blades engine (mainly played with Flying Lead, but I’m going to use the good old original game soon) is way more fun with a small number of characterful and specialized models a side. Oh yeah, trying out some samurai action with Rich’s Bushi no Yume, based on the same engine, also counts.

So after many years of this, many periods, many armies, many everything, I realised the only “big army” game I can stand and not die trying is War of the Ring. Tolkien’s work and GW’s figures just inspire me to no end, and I just can’t get enough of building big, no, huge, armies, even if I rarely get to play. For the rest, you’ve seen me dwell in the aforementioned games, plus the regular LotR, plus some AT-43, plus Incursion, so there’s clearly a pattern.

Now back to the 60×60 cm table. It’s small. Almost like a boardgame. But for the kind of games I seem to enjoy lately, it isn’t that bad. Yes, I might want to play Warmachine in 120×120 cm, specially since the store I usually play at has smaller tables than that. But I’ve been thinking of using the Small Table Game Day ™ as an excuse to finish varied terrain pieces lying around as well as odd models. I’ve got a lot of Epic to paint, as well as some pirates. I won’t expand those ranges, like I won’t buy any more AT-43 or the way I buy small amounts of 40K models for Flying Lead, so might as well make something with it all.

Hence the Small Table Game Day. The objective is first and foremost to have some kind of plan. The idea is to set a game twice a month, every two weeks or so. A specific scenario, with specific figures and scenery. I will start using the stuff I already have and that gives me time to work on the rest of the things for future STGDs. After it’s set up I’ll either play it with my girlfriend or some friend, or even take it to the club nearby and let it play for the whole weekend. Hell, I’ll even play it solitaire, something I really enjoy.

I should say I must blame Eden for this. At first sight it’s another Warmachine clone. But deep within, it’s bordering roleplaying with some of the added effects for scenery and stuff like that. You can probably take a diorama base and turn it into an interesting setup for that game. I’m not saying I’m diving into it, but it has been important in identifying and eventually writing down these thoughts. And if you’re curious, it’s definitely not a Warmachine clone and the rules seem just as fun (funner than Malifaux at least). And hey, they’re free online, so make a search for Taban Miniatures and take a look.

Anyway, guess that was it. Another long random mumble with no pics. If you got here, I apologize 🙂