My girlfriend got me the plastic Khador starter set, which has the new versions of the figures I already had in metal. Yes, she’s amazing.

So now I’ve got another beautiful Sorscha model. And speaking of Ms. Kratikoff, my gf is getting REALLY good playing with her. She has beat me quite a few times these past few days. I’ve been trying other warcasters too, and having a ton of fun.

With the jacks, I will use one of them to make the Torch character jack from which I got the upgrade kit a few weeks ago. I’ve got the Heavy Plastic Kit so I’ve got the weapon arm from the Decimator already (and magnetized). The other one will be magnetized to be able to represent any of the 4 heavies (Juggy, Destroyer, Decimator and Marauder) with the added capability of making 3 Jugs or 3 Destroyers if need be (adding the two plastic ones to the metal guys you’ve already seen in this blog).

In other Warmachine related news, I’m finishing painting the Widowmakers and some mechanics. I’ve also got and already built Karchev and the Behemoth, two beasts of a model that can injure you if they fall on your toe. Funny thing is I proxied the Behemoth a bunch of times, but now that he’s built, he has been proxying as a¬†Devastator, my new warjack crush. In words of my girl: “He has HOW MUCH armor and does WHAT with Rain of Death???” Last battle we played, RoD took care of all four widowmakers, widowmaker marksman, and winter guard cannon crew, all with just one flash. He ran the whole table in 2 turns with Superiority on him (runs 12″). I really need me an Irusk model.